Videoconference – Visa – Digital transformation in public administration

The crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has once again demonstrated the importance of the digitization process. The adoption of digital solutions has helped public administration, citizens and companies to meet unprecedented challenges, enabling business to continue and facilitating adaptation to the “new normal”. and Visa invite you to the video conference “Digital Transformation in Public Administration”, broadcast live on the TV platforms, and on the page. The event will bring together local authorities that have implemented successful projects for the digitization of public administration and the introduction of electronic payment systems, as well as startups that propose digital tools and innovative solutions. The discussion will address issues such as: the steps taken in the digital transformation of local public administration and the impact on citizens, the priorities of the National Authority for Digitalization of Romania and the progress made during the pandemic, Ghiș and the benefits of electronic tax payments and taxes, distribution of social benefits through electronic means of payment, smart initiatives and solutions for urban mobility, public policies and investments in the future programming period 2021-2027.


  • How have the major digitization projects been implemented in the local public administration?
  • What are the local authorities’ priorities for continuing the digitization process?
  • What progress has been made on electronic payments of taxes, fees and public services?
  • How do electronic payments help debureaucratize and simplify public services at the local level?
  • To what extent can social assistance and benefits currently be distributed by electronic means of payment?
  • What smart initiatives and solutions exist for urban mobility and the digitization of public transport payments?

Date: 3 November 2020

Where: Event LIVE on the platforms and

10.00-10.05 – Opening speech – Oana Osman – Editor-in-Chief

– Cătălin Creţu – General Manager, Romania, Croatia, Malta and Slovenia Visa

10.05-10.15 – Opening speech – Sabin Sărmaș, President, Authority for the Digitization of Romania (ADR)

10.15-10.25 – Keynote speech – Sacha Polverini, Visa Head, Europe Government Engagement

10.25-11.30 Debate: E-Government Challenges

– Cătălin Creţu, General Manager, Romania, Croatia, Malta and Slovenia Visa

– Sabin Sărmaș, President, Romanian Digitization Authority (ADR)

– Bono Cucalan, Mayor, Dudeștii Vechi Commune, Timiș County

– Liviu Stanciu, Alba Iulia Smart City Strategy Project Manager, Alba Iulia City Hall

– Ciprian Ghise, CEO, Indeco

11.30-12.30 Debate: Smart Urban Mobility

– Mihai Chirica, Mayor, Iași Municipality

– Allen Coliban, Mayor, Municipality of Brașov

– Dana Dima, Executive Vice President, Retail and Private Banking, BCR

– Claudiu Suma, CEO, TPark

– Elena Ungureanu, Visa Country Manager in Romania


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