Videoconference Oil&Gas – Where is the Black Sea gas when we need it most?

Videoconference Oil&Gas – Where is the Black Sea gas when we need it most?

  • Gas prices have skyrocketed across Europe on the eve of winter and show no signs of moderating. The shortage of supply, corroborated by a growing demand stimulated by the post-COVID economic recovery, has led wholesale prices to historic highs, and domestic and industrial consumers – on the verge of despair, at the sight of bills.
  • In addition, the energy transition to low-carbon electricity sources cannot be dispensed with as an intermediary and facilitator of the transition.
  • In these circumstances, we cannot help but wonder: where would the prices have been now if the offshore deposits in the Black Sea had already been in production?
  • The Black Sea gas stake remains extremely important in the years to come, a period of challenges for the entire energy industry.


  • The stages of the development projects of hydrocarbon deposits from the Romanian offshore;
  • What are the reasons for the delay in the works, what is to be done and what are the plans for the future;
  • What legislative updates do investors expect from the authorities and what stage are they at;
  • How could the gas in the Romanian Black Sea compensate for the shortage of fuel on the European market, which has caused the massive price increases in recent times;
  • Black Sea, a stimulating factor in Europe’s energy transition towards decarbonising electricity production; Romanian offshore gases, geostrategically vital for ensuring Europe’s energy independence

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Date: 19 October 2021

Where: Event LIVE on Profit News TV, and

Moderator: Adrian Moșoianu – Editor

10.00-10.05 – Opening speech Adrian Moșoianu – Editor

10.05-12.00 – Speakers

• Dan-Dragoș Drăgan – Secretary of State, Ministry of Energy

• Zoltan Nagy-Bege – Vice President, National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE)

• Mark Beacom – General Manager, Black Sea Oil & Gas

• Elisabeta Ghidiu – Director of the Corporate Strategy and Management Department, SNTGN Transgaz SA

• Dumitru Chisăliță – President, Intelligent Energy Association

• Cătălin Niță – Executive Director, Oil and Gas Employers Federation (FPPG)


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