Videoconference IMM – We are preparing for a way out of the crisis. 2-nd Edition

Videoconference IMM – We are preparing for a way out of the crisis. 2-nd Edition

  • The Covid-19 pandemic and the restrictions imposed by the authorities to combat it have made the environment in which small and medium-sized businesses operate even more difficult than before.
  • However, the sector was affected in the past by frequent changes to the Tax Code, increases in the minimum wage or various financial blockages. Problems to which new ones have been added, created by the health context.
  • With limited resources, small businesses have far greater difficulties than large companies in coping with such a period.
  • Support programs have been launched by the authorities in Romania, as in other states, but their operation has not always been good, and small entrepreneurs still need dialogue with the authorities and private financiers.


  • The impact of the pandemic on the SME sector. Perspective on areas.
  • Tax challenges for small businesses.
  • The effects of raising the minimum wage on the economy.
  • How do you calibrate your budget? Solutions to deal with declining orders and the need to reduce costs.
  • What financing solutions do SMEs have at their disposal during this period, both for working capital and for investments?
  • Changes in product portfolios and financing conditions for SMEs at financial institutions in the country.
  • How well do government pandemic business support programs work? Remedy and improvement solutions.
  • How do we attract European funds from the EU’s special programs for the development of the business sector?
  • Digitization, a challenge for SMEs even after the pandemic.
  • How innovation can bring growth and value to the economy. Examples in tech startups and monetization solutions and in traditional businesses.
  • Funding available for digitization.

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Date: 4 November 2021

Where: Event LIVE on Profit News TV, and

Moderator: Oana Osman – Chef Editor

10.05-11.05 – Panel I – Financing SMEs in Crisis

• Sorin Maxim – President, ROREG; Director General, Western Regional Development Agency (Western RDA)

• Ana Bobircă – Vice President, Romanian Businessmen Association (AOAR)

• Antoaneta Curteanu – Executive Vice President, Retail Division, UniCredit Bank Gabriel Pralea, Network Director, CEC Bank

• Gabriel Pralea – Network Director, CEC Bank

• Luana Sorescu – Head of Clients, Business Banking, ING Bank

• Alina Popa – Commercial Director, Coface Romania

11.20-12.30 – Panel II – Challenges for tech entrepreneurship

• Cristian Munteanu – Founder and Managing Partner, Early Game Ventures

• Marius Ghenea – Managing Partner, Catalyst Romania

• Andrei Dudoiu – Managing Partner, Seedblink

• Florin Maxim – Co-founder and CEO, Comarket

• Evelina Necula – Co-founder, Kinderpedia


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