Videoconference Profit – We finance the restartof the economy – 4th Edition Financial Forum „We are financing the restart of the economy”

Solutions to the economic recovery, following the huge difficulties encountered in the COVID-19 crisis, cannot work without involving the financial markets, whether they come from the area of ​​government support programs or private sector initiatives. The banking market, investment and pension funds, the stock market and insurance companies are the ones that are expected to finance the restart of the economy in the next period. Financial market players, however, were also affected by the restrictions imposed during the pandemic and the effects passed on in multiple sectors. Their managers are looking for their own solutions for adaptation and reinvention, in a period marked by uncertainty and market volatility, with rising inflation, resettlement of monetary policy, technological changes and customer behavior. Of immediate interest to the public – the population and companies – were various support programs to overcome the liquidity crisis and lack of funding. More or less functional, they have tried to cover urgent financing needs, but can only be a stage in the recovery. The recovery of the economy on a solid basis requires, from now on, additional measures to go beyond the coverage of temporary cash flow problems. Companies must not only survive in difficult times, but also adapt to a rapidly changing world of technology, reinvent themselves, innovate, find resources to finance investments in these directions. Efforts in which not only banks but also players in the capital market or in insurance can be involved. A long-term development opportunity also comes from significant funding from the PNRR, a program in which the involvement of the financial sector is important.

PANEL I: Post-pandemic bank financing

  • How the customer relationship with the bank has changed in the context of the new health rules;
  • What transformations have taken place in banking networks;
  • How well the measures worked to protect the debtors affected by Covid-19 and what are the effects on the banking system;
  • How can the financial system contribute to the success of PNRR? What measures are needed to avoid losing access to important development funds?
  • Analyzes after the implementation of SME Invest and other government programs. What went well and what didn’t. Solutions for the future;

Panel 2 – Reinventing Perspectives for the Stock Exchange, Funds and Insurance

  • The stock market is rising to new highs. How much more is there for the positive trend. Outlook for 2022;
  • One year ends with a record number of listings. What is the course of the actions in the ring and the flow to the market of the new issuers;
  • Excise taxation of stock exchange transactions;
  • Government bonds had a steady stream of quarterly issues. What does the market look like in a climate of interest pressure;
  • Revitalizing the retail investor segment. How can individual investors be persuaded to come to the capital market to have access to better returns than the banking market;
  • How capital market resources can be mobilized for infrastructure projects;
  • Stock market liquidity challenges. New listings. Impediments and solutions;

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Date: 8 decembrie 2021

Where: Event LIVE on Profit News TV, and

Moderator: Oana Osman – Chef Editor

10.00-10.05 – Opening speech Oana Osman – Chef Editor

10.05-11.15 – Panel I – Post-Pandemic Bank Financing

• Adrian Câciu – Minister of Finance

• Sergiu Manea – CEO, Banca Comerciala Română

• Bogdan Neacșu – President, Romanian Association of Banks (ARB), CEO, CEC Bank

• Sergiu Oprescu – Executive President, Alpha Bank Romania and General Manager of the Alpha Bank International Network

• Florin Ilie – Deputy CEO, Head of Wholesale Banking, ING Bank Romania

11.20-12.50 – Panel II – Reinventing Perspectives for the Stock Exchange, Funds and Insurance

• Valentin Ionescu – General Manager, General Management, Reinsurance Insurance Sector, Financial Supervision Authority (ASF)

• Adrian Tănase – CEO, Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB)

• Bogdan Drăgoi – CEO, SIF Banat Crișana

• Radu Crăciun – President, Romanian Association of Privately Administered Pensions (APAPR); General Manager, BCR Pensii

• Marian Siminică – Executive Director, Institute of Financial Studies (ISF)

• Alexandru Ciuncan – General Manager, Union of Romanian Reinsurance Insurance Companies (UNSAR)

• Mădălin Roșu – President, Romanian Motor Insurers Bureau (BAAR)

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