Videoconference Profit – Post-Coronavirus Energy – 2nd Edition

2021, like 2020, is a year full of challenges for the energy industry, hit, like other economic segments, by the pandemic crisis caused by the coronavirus and the measures to quarantine the population and the economy adopted by governments. 2021, unlike 2020, however, should be the year of recovering the gaps created in the previous year. However, Romania still seems to be looking for lost time. To the foreseeable difficulties in such a context of health problems, which affected most markets, was added, for the energy industry, the passage of a turbulent period from a legislative point of view. From 1 July 2020, the gas market was liberalized, overlapping a mandatory bidding program on centralized markets. From January 1, 2021, the energy market was liberalized, a much more agitated liberalization than that of the gas market. The exploitation of gas in the Black Sea remains an unknown sea, affecting the investment plans of companies in several fields, from the producers OMV Petrom and Romgaz to the transmission operator Transgaz. However, a first step was taken: Romgaz made a binding offer to take over Exxon, which owns 50% of the stake in Neptun.


  • Investments in electricity and gas production in the post-pandemic period. The National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), a strategy to stimulate investment or a new example of a centrally planned bureaucratic exercise?
  • How Romania could benefit from the provisions of the Green Pact proposed by the EU.
  • Liberalization of the electricity market. Success or failure?
  • Legislative challenges for the energy sector.
  • The case of the Black Sea gas. Is Romania hit by the curse of resources?
  • What solutions are available to unlock investments. Is Romania ready for the development of wind projects in the Black Sea?

The event will be LIVE on PROFIT NEWS TV, and Facebook

Date: 28 IUNIE 2021

Where: LIVE LIVE on PROFIT NEWS TV, and Facebook

Whith whom? Moderator: Adrian Moșoianu – Editor

10.00-10.05 Opening speech – Adrian Moșoianu – Editor

10.00-12.30 – DEBATE

• Niculae Havrileț – Director and Expert in the Ministry of Energy

• Zoltan Nagy-Bege – Vice President, National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE)

• Cosmin Ghiță – CEO, Nuclearelectrica

• Dumitru Chisăliță – President, Intelligent Energy Association

• Corina Popescu – CEO, Electrica

• Radu Dudău – Co-founder & Director, Energy Policy Group

• Robert Chircă – Operation Manager, Grup Servicii Petroliere

• Lăcrămioara Diaconu-Pintea – Executive Member, Complex Energetic Oltenia

• Dana Dunel Stancu – Head of Energy & Sustainability Practice, Biriș Goran

• Cătălin Niță – Executive Director, Federation of Petroleum and Gas Employers (FPPG)


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