Videoconference – ROINVEST

Videoconference – ROINVEST

Videoconference organized in the context of the economic consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic that aims to support investments as an antidote to a possible economic crisis.

In times of crisis, large investments in the economy are needed to support GDP, and the state is giving the signal. The government must propose and implement investments that open up business opportunities and limit the economic and social effects of recent restrictions.

Likewise, private companies should invest in production to sell, come up with new business ideas and honor all their orders and debts.

The economy must move forward, the main objectives being to encourage production and consumption, and the money must be kept as much as possible in Romania and reinvested here. It is not about economic nationalism, but about a crisis pragmatism that will help us overcome it.

At the event we intend to discuss the investment plans of the state and private companies in the current crisis generated by the coronavirus epidemic to support the development of business and the economy in general.

The recovery of investments starting with the second semester of this year – according to expectations – is conditioned by the evolution of consumer and external demand, as well as by investor confidence and the speed of recovery of countries of origin of foreign investments, but also by the income situation. the profits of the companies and their access to financing in conditions of reasonable costs.


  • Government investment program during the crisis and post-crisis
  • European funds of almost 80 billion euros for Romania – how do we attract this money? What projects do we propose?
  • Investment in infrastructure. The main projects and their financing
  • The impact of the Covid-19 crisis on investments in Romania and at European level
  • Administrative and human capacity to carry out investment projects
  • Support programs for companies. SME Invest Program – evaluation and perspectives. Other programs with state guarantees
  • Foreign investment in the context of the Covid-19 crisis
  • In what areas should we invest in the crisis?
  • Internal and external financing for the private sector. Investment funds – a solution for companies and supporting the economy
  • Economic and fiscal facilities for investments
  • Digitization of public services, an important factor for investments

LIVE on TV, and

Date: 15 October 2020

Where: Event LIVE on TV, and

Moderator: Cristian Dimitriu – Partner Plurivox

10.00-10.05 – Opening speech Cristian Dimitriu – Partner Plurivox

10.05-12.00 – Speakers

• Ludovic Orban – Prime Minister of Romania

• Marcel Boloş – Minister of European Funds, Government of Romania

• Lucian Bode – Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communications, Government of Romania

• Rozalia Pal – Country and Financial Sector Analysis, Economics Department at the European Investment Bank

• Ramona Jurubiţă – President, Council of Foreign Investors (FIC)

• Liviu Rogojinaru – Secretary of State for Business Environment in the Ministry of Economy

• Cristian Păun – President, CA FMGCIMM

• Dragoş Anastasiu – President, Romanian-German Chamber of Commerce (AHK)

• Cristian Nacu – Senior Country Officer for Romania and the Republic of Moldova, International Finance Corporation

• Rudolf Vizental – CEO, Co-founder, ROCA Investments

• Ionuţ Simion – President, American Chamber of Commerce in Romania (AmCham Romania)

• Horia Gustă – President, Association of Fund Managers in Romania

• Dragoş Roşca – President, Romanian Business Leaders (RBL), CEO, Delta Asset Invest


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