Videoconference – My city – Home & Office – 3rd Edition Video Conference – My City – Home and Office – 3rd Edition

Eveniment, in its third edition, dedicated to urban and metropolitan development, which aims to bring together developers, builders, architects, consultants, financiers, utility providers, urban development specialists, local and central government officials to discuss solutions for a better life both at home and in the office, for a smart city of modern times.

In Romania in 2021, urban development continues in the trend of previous years, but large cities and adjacent metropolitan areas have various problems and are developing unevenly. If in some areas new business districts, residential, mixed, appear in others, modernization is incipient or missing. Logistics parks have been developed near large cities, but both urban and metropolitan areas have infrastructure problems, which are related to local and national authorities. Under these conditions, developers continue to accelerate projects, give a new face to cities and offer modern facilities to people.
New projects have appeared in large municipalities and in Bucharest and those already launched are being developed. Many of the projects are aimed at urban regeneration, so that areas with a tradition in cities can come back to life.
Such projects involve the development of developers, architects, builders, retailers, suppliers of building materials, services, utilities, and local government. Continuous and sustained collaboration, supported by consultants and lawyers, is needed for projects to become a reality.
Urban agglomeration is an important issue and therefore infrastructure and utilities must keep pace with a collaboration between public administration and private companies, which takes into account the needs of business and the citizen. In addition, some businesses are dependent on logistics areas to ensure a smooth and efficient supply.


  • Urban development in major cities (Bucharest, Brasov, Timisoara, Iasi, etc.). Mixed urban and community regeneration projects – capitalizing on the traditions and potential of cities;
  • Romania’s urban policy;
  • The main needs and projects of the communities; dialogue for urban development;
  • Analysis of the real estate market, architecture and construction in the new context related to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Trends in urban development;
  • What are the requirements for office building tenants in the context of employee health restrictions? How will the employees’ work be carried out and what will the future headquarters look like?
  • Financing urban development;
  • Smart City – internal and external models, IT and technological solutions in real estate and in general in urban development. Infrastructure, an integral part of urban development projects.

The event will be LIVE on Profit News TV, and on the Facebook page

Date: November 11, 2021

Where: LIVE on Profit News TV, and on the Facebook page

Moderators: Cristian Dimitriu – Plurivox Partner

10.00-10.05 – Opening speech Cristian Dimitriu – Plurivox Partner

10.05-12.30 – Guests

• Ciprian Ciucu – Mayor, Sector 6, Bucharest

• Tatian Diaconu – CEO, Nhood Romania

• Allen Coliban – Mayor, Brasov Municipality

• Liviu Tudor Băileşteanu – Director, Policy and Strategy Department, Ministry of Public Works, Development and Administration

• Alexandru Găvozdea – President, Order of Architects of Romania

• Radu Vânturache – Urbanize Hub

• Marius Persenea – Chief Operating Officer, IULIUS

• Cristian Nacu – Senior Country Officer for Romania and the Republic of Moldova, International Finance Corporation – World Bank Group

• Alin Popa – Business Development Director, Residential Division, Crosspoint Real Estate

• Liria Themo – Marketing Manager, Atria Urban Resort

• Tudor Popp – Founding Partner, Hotspot Workhub

• Cătălin Boghiu – Director, Smart City Digital Transformation and Implementation Department, Iaşi City Hall


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