Videoconference – Small and medium enterprises, oxygen for Romania – 2nd Edition

Small and medium enterprises, oxygen for Romania – 2nd Edition

Videoconference organized in the context of the economic consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic that aims to support SMEs, which are the oxygen so necessary for the Romanian economy.

In times of crisis, it is necessary to support SMEs so that they can get through difficult times, but also to grow their businesses. The government must be the main supporter and provide funding, as well as open up business opportunities. The role that the National Credit Guarantee Fund for SMEs has in state aid schemes and in the relationship with financiers is important.

In turn, SMEs should invest in production to sell, to develop innovatively, to seek financing from banks, the stock market and to try to enter new, domestic markets, but especially international ones.

At the event we aim to discuss state programs on SMEs, the support that FNGCIMM, banks and consultants can give, as well as solutions for new innovative successful models and for business development domestically and internationally. We want to facilitate dialogue between those who can support SMEs and entrepreneurs.

The role of small and medium businesses is the most important for Romania to have a sustainable economic model, based on encouraging local entrepreneurship.

With less than 30 SMEs per thousand inhabitants, Romania was last year in the last places in the European Union at the indicator that shows the level of oxygen in the economy.

SMEs are the engine of the economy, but in such situations as the Covid-19 crisis, they are the first to suffer from lack of business consolidation, lack of financial capital, business structure, crisis budget allocation, emergency plan , internal communication with employees or external – suppliers, customers.

Almost 61% of small and medium private companies in Romania have reduced their activity in 2020, according to the paper “White Paper on SMEs in Romania 2020”.


  • How does the state get involved in supporting and developing SMEs, what sources of funding are available and what aid can they receive? Grants for SMEs.
  • SME Invest Program – evaluation and perspectives. Other support and financing programs for SMEs. What new programs will be launched?
  • The role of FNGCIMM in state aid schemes.
  • How can SMEs develop during this period? Is digitization a real opportunity for them?
  • Financing innovative SMEs – SMEs’ access to innovation and digitalisation.
  • Internationalization of SMEs – How do we connect SMEs to international business?
  • Connecting SMEs to the capital market – Stock market financing, a solution for SMEs? Other types of financing.
  • Lending to SMEs: Under what conditions are banks interested in giving money to small and medium-sized enterprises during this period?

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Date: 10 JUNE 2021

Where: Event LIVE on PROFIT NEWS TV, on and

Moderators: Opening speech Cristian Dimitriu – Partener Plurivox

10.00-10.05 – Opening speach Cristian Dimitriu – Partener Plurivox

10.05-12.00 – Claudiu Năsui, Minister of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Tourism

– Florin Jianu, President, National Council of Small and Medium Private Enterprises in Romania (CNIPMMR)

– Cătălin Creţu, General Manager for Romania, Croatia, Malta and Slovenia, Visa

– Daniela Marin, Principal Manager, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, advice for small business

– Marius Ghenea, Managing Partner of Catalyst Romania Investment Fund

– Antoaneta Curteanu, Executive Vice President of the Retail Division, UniCredit Bank

– Ionuţ Ţaţa, Founder & CEO Iceberg, Entrepreneurship Leader, Coalition for the Development of Romania

– Claudiu Vrînceanu, Program Director, ScaleOut (RBL)

– Bogdan Speteanu, Executive Director, Corporate Products, BCR

– Dumitru Nancu, General Manager, FNGCIMM


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