Videoconference – FOCUS on HR – HR in the time of COVID

Videoconference – FOCUS on HR – HR in the time of COVID

The labor market is in a Brownian motion due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has completely changed the professional world as we knew it, but also the turmoil related to the economic situation.
In the first year of the pandemic, the usual work schedule at work gave way to teleworking, a fairly new concept on the Romanian market at the time, provided for in the legislation and which gained massive ground in the new context.
We can notice a heterogeneity of the impact of COVID on the labor market, given that not all professions have been affected to the same extent. There were sectors that after the lockdown resumed their activity as before, while others were better suited to “work from home” or a partial resumption of activity.
Also, depending on the evolution of the health context, there was an alternation between the periods spent in the office and those at home, the situation being different from industry to industry.
In the first months of 2020, the unemployment rate began to rise with the imposition of the first restrictions and reached 5.4%, an increase of almost a quarter compared to the beginning of the year. In 2021 it started to decrease slightly, remaining around 5%, according to INS data. However, the large number of young unemployed is worrying.
Authorities have taken various measures to support companies and employees affected by the pandemic, from aid to employers to partial payment of salaries, but there have been syncopes in their implementation, some being delayed or even excluding professional categories not initially taken into account.
Now, almost two years after the pandemic broke out, recruitment sites claim that the labor market is showing signs of recovery, but are looking for employees for certain jobs.
However, the pandemic is not over, and the evolution of the economy and the labor market is unpredictable, with employers and employees still looking for solutions to change the paradigm. In addition, the labor market could be affected by the energy crisis, which could lead to increased employer spending and, indirectly, a reduction in labor costs.
The slogan “nothing will be as it was” is very true, a major challenge being digitization, accelerated by restrictions, which has major effects on the labor market.


  • Overview of the labor market. Trends for 2022.
  • Government programs for the labor market – short-term measures, long-term regulatory projects. Implementing the authorities’ measures – difficulties and legislative and practical solutions.
  • HR policies during COVID: How did the organizational transformation take place? What has changed in recruitment? What trades and skills are you looking for? How do we maintain / increase engagement, motivation? Employee retention.
  • What are the benefits and disadvantages of teleworking? How does it affect companies, productivity? What about the personal and professional lives of employees?
  • Digitization, the number 1 ally in the pandemic, or a misunderstood enemy? Use of digital tools in the field of human resources.

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Date: 16 December 2021

Where: Event LIVE on PROFIT NEWS TV, on and

Moderators: Cristian Dimitriu – Partener Plurivox

10.00-10.05 – Opening speech Cristian Dimitriu – Partener Plurivox

10.05-10.15 – Key speech • Marius Budăi – Minister of Labor and Social Solidarity

10.15-12.00 – Debate

• Vladimir Alexandrescu – Spokesperson, National Institute of Statistics (INS)

• Simona Popovici – General Manager Human Resources & Health, Safety and Environment, Renault Group Romania

• Lucia Brădean Iliescu – Country HR Manager, Continental Romania

• Mihai Zânt – Executive Coach, Trainer and Partner Co-founder, HUMANISTIC and Career

• Luminiţa Florea – People & Culture Director, Philip Morris Romania

• Elena Anghel – Chief Human Resources Officer, FAN Courier

• Andrei Frunză – CEO, BestJobs

• Laura Ştefan – Managing Director, Accace România

• Milena Nedelcu – Communication Director,


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