Videoconference E-COMMERCE: New strategies on the pandemic retail market

New strategies on the pandemic retail market

The Romanian e-commerce market reached 4.3 billion euros last year, from 3.6 billion euros in 2018, and, according to the estimates of the main players, will continue to grow in 2020, most likely to exceed the threshold of 5 billion euros at the end of this year. The growth is one of the largest in Europe for the third consecutive year, which demonstrates the huge potential of the Romanian e-commerce market. Online commerce generates new businesses, better paid jobs and is a way for a business to compete with large commercial chains and expand abroad. A large part of online merchants start their business directly in the Marketplaces, without necessarily having an individual online presence (their own website). The courier market has developed and comes strongly with retailers with different delivery solutions. Online delivery platforms have gained momentum, with new players entering Romania, in turn with useful tools. Banks and meal voucher issuers also have initiatives that can help any trader. All this against the background of the coronavirus pandemic, which blocked the global economy, but strongly pushed the sales of food and commodity retailers. They are optimistic about the evolution of the business, but also obliged to comply with the new protection rules for both customers and their employees.


  • How does the pandemic change the face of trade?
  • How can you best comply with the new rules and restrictions without affecting your business?
  • What is the solution to stay relevant in the market if the pandemic affects your business?
  • How much space is there for new retailers on the local market?
  • How can more customers be attracted? What do they buy the most and how can they be persuaded to pay attention to other products?
  • How can retailers withstand competition, including external competition?
  • What solutions are available on the courier market?
  • How can a franchise system, the rules of which have recently been changed by the Government for the first time in the last 20 years, be effectively applied?

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Date: 22 July 2020

Where: Event LIVE on TV, and

Moderator: Oana Osman – Chef Editor

10.00-10.05 – Opening speech Oana Osman – Chef Editor

10.05-12.00 – Speakers

Felix Pătrășcanu – Managing Partner, Fan Courier

Florinel Chiș – Executive Director, Romanian Association of Online Stores

Ion Sturza – Founder,, owner Fribourg Capital

Alexandru Niculescu – Vice President of Operations, eMAG

Andrei Stamatian – Head of Retail Alternative Distribution Channels, UniCredit Bank


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