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The last few years have been filled with changes in the local and European regulations that have an impact on the financial markets, and the next period is no longer “quiet”. A new regulation reintroduces credit indebtedness limits for retail clients, with a low impact on commercial banks, but substantially on non-banking financial institutions and the low-income segment.

Three bills aimed at capping lending rates, limiting the possibility of recovery of claims assigned and eliminate the writ of execution for credit agreements have already reached an advanced stage in the legislative process in Parliament and threatens to create banking market wider problems than has succeeded in bringing another controversial law (charging), which has already entered into force, but with significant limitations of enforcement by the Constitutional Court.

In the debate, we will analyze the impact of several regulations that financial markets have already had to comply with, as well as other legislative projects with consequences for the banking market, but also for the economy and for society in general. We will also discuss issues related to financial education and technological challenges, topics that are also relevant in the context of the main issue – the impact of regulations.

Invite speakers to these debates to be the presidents of the main commercial banks, consultancy leaders, economists, regulatory and consumer protection representatives.

Data: 28 Noiembrie 2018

Unde: BNR, Sala Mitiță Constantinescu

  • 10.30-11.00 – Register of the guests & Welcome coffee
  • 11.00-11.15 – Opening speach: Mugur Isărescu, Governor of National Bank of Romania
  • 11.15-11.30 – Speach: Eugen Orlando Teodorovici, Minister of Finance
  • 11.30-12.40 – Banking strategies: one eye to the client, another to the regulators
  • 12.40-14.00 – Impact of regulations on financial markets: Taxation, technology, GDPR, competition, consumer protection, security, capital requirements, financial education
  • 14.00-15.00 – Lunch

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