The labor market, between crisis and reinvention

The labor market, between crisis and reinvention

The traditional methods of motivating the employees seem to be unsuccessful in the current economic context, in which the labor market lacks specialists in almost all areas, and the temptation to move to other countries is very high. Fiscal facilities have occasionally created incentives in certain areas, but the fundamental issues are still far from being resolved, in a market that is hard to stay competitive.
Young people have increased their salary claims, even if the experience in the respective position is not a rich one, and the companies are looking for solutions to manage to keep their valuable employees, but also to find new employees well prepared at costs that allow the continuation of an activity. profitable. The battle over wages has reached a level at which many companies can no longer compete. Under these conditions, one of the great challenges of HR specialists has become the finding of new methods of retention and motivation of employees, adapted to the current specificity of the market. Against this backdrop, companies are changing their human resources strategies, investing in training professionals.
The challenges go further in the area of ​​training and even retraining the employees, in order to keep up with the technology or the digitization of the processes, but also in the search for flexible organizational models capable of adapting to the challenges and changing changes.


  • How competitive is Romania at the moment in the labor market in Eastern Europe. How do we position ourselves against the competition in Asian markets?
  • Gaps between Bucharest and big cities vs. the rest of the country
  • How big is the shortage of employees in different industries? To what extent does the state’s fiscal and social policies help?
  • What solutions do private companies find for the shortage of employees in the local market (many companies, from construction, retail, tourism etc. start to bring employees from Nepal, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Thailand, not finding local employees)
  • How can valuable employees be retained and stimulated to stay in the company? Which motivation schemes are most effective?
  • Transformations and challenges in the methods used by HR departments to evaluate employees.
  • How organizations respond to the challenge of working with four generations of employees with different profiles and needs.
  • How do we interest employees in the evolution and performance of the company?

Date: 20 February 2020

Location: JW Marriott Hotel, Constanța Hall

Number of participants: 80-100

Moderator: Oana Osman – Chief-Editor

Violeta Alexandru
Minister of Education and Social Protection (TBC)

09.00-09.30 – Registration & Welcome coffee

09.30-09.35 – Opening Speech PROFIT.RO – Oana Osman – Chief-Editor

09.35-10.00 – Opening Speech – Violeta Alexandru – Minister of Education and Social Protection – TBC

10.00-11.30Panel 1: – How competitive is the labor market in Romania. Economic, fiscal and social context

11.30-11.45 – Coffee Break

11.45-13.00Panel 2: – How companies respond, through human resources strategies, current market challenges: retaining employees, attracting the right people, digitizing processes.

13.00-14.00 – Business Lunch

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