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In Romania in 2019, major cities and adjacent metropolitan areas are being modernized by seeing new business, residential and logistics parks developing in both Bucharest and other urban agglomerations in the country.
New real estate development poles such as Grozaveşti, Nerva Traian, which develops strongly, are emerging in the capital, new projects being on the table of investors, which is also happening in other large municipalities such as Iaşi, Cluj, Timişoara , but also in other cities.
Such projects involve the involvement of developers, architects, builders, retailers, suppliers of building materials, services, utilities, and local government. There is a need for continued and sustained collaboration, supported by consultants and lawyers, to make the projects come true.
The biggest problem is urban agglomeration, and therefore infrastructure and utilities need to keep pace with a co-operation between public administration and private companies that takes into account the needs of the business and the citizen. In addition, some businesses are dependent on logistics areas to provide them with a fluent and efficient supply.
The bottom line is that development requires an adequate infrastructure and developers and investors together with utilities and utilities need to be part and have common plans to make the city a friendly environment both at home and at the office.


  • Analysis of real estate, logistics and their needs. What does businessman and citizen want from urban and metropolitan development?
  • Successful Urban Development and Infrastructure Projects in Romania. Do we have models?
  • Trends and Innovations in Urban Development
  • How could central and local authorities work better with developers and investors, utilities to make transport and utilities infrastructure (water, electricity, telecom, etc.) part of urban development projects?
  • Bucharest and the metropolitan area – new development poles and infrastructure needs (office, residential, retail and logistics)
  • Develop logistic parks – plans and needs
  • What projects does and will start the City Hall in the field of infrastructure and what will happen to the stagnating projects? How does it work with developers?
  • How do we solve the traffic problem, especially in urban development areas?
  • Development projects in major cities (Cluj, Iaşi, Timişoara, Braşov, Constanţa etc.) – cooperation with local authorities regarding authorizations and infrastructure
  • Utilities and involvement in urban development projects
  • How will rent levels evolve? Are the IT & C companies still the office market engine or are there new “celebrities” looking for offices?
  • What are the new tenants’ requirements in office buildings? Have their claims or wishes changed in recent years? Is there more room for negotiation?
  • Retail-office-residential building link
  • Is there still a mall in Romania? Great retailers, anchor for real estate development
  • What features does the new residential complexes offer and what do customers look for?
  • Residential projects, our friend. What should he have? (kindergarten, school, shop, pharmacy, fitness room, etc.)
  • Real estate investment, an oxygen builder for builders. Romania’s investment map for builders. What do builders say?
  • Manufacturers of building materials and urban and metropolitan development projects
  • Financing large urban and logistics investments
  • I want to be the owner. Real estate, mortgage or first house, which is the most advantageous solution?
  • Develop logistic parks – plans and needs
  • Human Resources and Labor Force in Urban Development Projects
  • IT and Technology Solutions in Real Estate

Date: 27 June 2019

Where: Hotel Radisson BLU, Atlas 2 Hall

Number of participants: 80-100

Moderator: Cristian Dimitriu



suciuDaniel Suciu
Deputy Prime Minister,
Minister of Regional Development,
and Public Administration

Tatian DiaconuTatian Diaconu
General Manager, CEETRUS Romania

Csilla LorinczCsilla Lorincz
Head of Office at Department
for Sustainable Development Government of Romania

Viorel MohoreaViorel Mohorea
New Homes Sales Manager, SVN Romania

Stefan-DumitrascuȘtefan Dumitrașcu
Architect-Chief of Bucharest

gabriel-voicuGabriel Voicu
Sales & Marketing Director,

Adina VINȚANAdina Vințan
Urban and metropolitan development expert,
World Bank consultant

puchiuRadu Puchiu
Co-founder & CEO H.appyCities

09.00-09.30 – Registration of participants & amp; Welcome coffee

09.30 – 09.35 – Welcome speech – Cristian Dimitriu

09.35 – 10.00 – Daniel SUCIU – Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Regional Development and Public Administration

10.00-11.30 – SESSION I: Smart cities – What will the cities look like in the future? Intelligent and Sustainable Development Models.

11.30-11.45 – Coffee Break

11.45-13.15 – SESSION II: Urban and metropolitan development trends. What do citizens and businesspeople want?

13.15 -14.00 – Business Lunch

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