Event Profit Piața de Capital.forum – Stock market close to war


    The international financial markets had a start to 2021 marked by very high volatility, a reflection of geopolitical tensions escalated to military confrontations and an inflationary stage that has not been seen in developed countries since in the early 80s. The increase in energy costs and the deterioration of the global trade climate by the imposition of mutual sanctions between the West and the Russian Federation are hitting entire sectors of activity, and the final consumer bears the brunt of the effect of these dislocations in the world economy. In particular, Romania has shown itself to be vulnerable due to its geographical proximity to the Ukrainian conflict, through the import of inflation and derailments in the energy market, exacerbated by the “green” policies of the European Union, which came under pressure in conditions where it was not yet reduced dependence on imports from Russia.

After an exceptional year 2021 for the Romanian stock market, in which the BET index gained 33%, the start of 2022 was marked by major sales, supported by deteriorating market sentiment worldwide.

  • Will this financial turmoil be over in a few quarters, or is it the start of a wider “bear market” for the world’s stock markets?
  • What will be the impact of international sanctions on the economies of industrialized countries? How will they feel on markets like the Romanian one?
  • Is there a persistence of the inflationary situation at the global level and in these conditions what can be expected from the interest area? Where is the tipping point for European economies and capital markets if high energy costs persist? What will be the impact of these moves on the BSE where the energy and banking sectors are very well represented?
  • Where are the returns and how can money be made in this context of geopolitical ruptures and wealth destruction?
  • How do international tensions affect the Romanian capital market? What domestic measures can mitigate the problems?
  • How can more retail investors be attracted to the capital market, in a context where better-than-money returns are obvious advantages, but the perception of risk is heightened by the geographical proximity of war?
  • After 2021, especially from the point of view of listings, how does the issuers’ appetite for the stock market look in 2022?

Event broadcast LIVE on Profit News TV, www.profit.ro and facebook.com/profit.ro

Date: April 13, 2022

Where: Event LIVE on the platforms www.profit.ro and facebook.com/profit.ro

Moderators: Oana Osman – Editor-in-Chief Profit.ro and Adrian Panaite, Editor Profit.ro


10.00-10.05Opening speech – Oana Osman – Editor-in-Chief Profit.ro and Adrian Panaite, Editor Profit.ro


Mihai Călin Precup – Secretary of State, Ministry of Public Finance

Adrian Tănase – Director General, Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB)

Ovidiu Petru – Director General, Capital Market sector, Financial Supervision Authority (ASF)

Radu Crăciun – President, Association for Privately Administered Pensions from Romania (APAPR); Director General, BCR Pensions

Horia Gustă – President, Board of Directors, Association of Fund Administrators (AAF)

Nicolae Kovacs – CEO, Agista

Răzvan Raț – Deputy General Manager, BRK Financial Group

Daniel Ilinca – CEO and co-founder, Softbinator Technologies CODE

Horia Cardoș – CEO and Founder, Agroland


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